Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 3 September 1994

From the Editor's Desk

Dear Cousins,

I heard an advertisement last night - "...during the approaching Holiday Season...!" Impossible! Not yet! I haven't even finished the September Newsletter!

The main thrust of this letter will be aimed at the 1995 Blencowe Reunion next summer. We are finalizing plans for a wonderful coach tour to see the Rockies. There may be a few minor changes before it is settled but we are on our way. Since we have to make deposits on all the hotels, etc. we would appreciate an early deposit from you if you think you may be joining us. This would be refundable if you find you could not make it. Also, of course, space will be limited.

The Cookbook of Ann Blencowe has been mentioned in a previous letter. An interesting article from Edward and Jenifer Blincoe relates the cookbook to the times and locality of England in 1694.

Their letter reminds me to mention that we have had no ill effects from the numerous earthquakes. Other than the first one last fall, few are even felt where we are.

In the last letter we had an appeal for the repair of the Blencowe Bell at the church in Marston St. Lawrence, England. Jack and I want to thank those who donated and encourage others. There is a line on the form on the back page.

The Memorium for Carr Flournoy is a particularly painful one for us. Carr was a caring brother-in-law. He and Elizabeth have been next-door neighbors for forty-four years.

Bob and I had an interesting Alaskan trip in August, including a coach to Prudhoe Bay and a tour of the oil fields on the North Slope before cruising the Inland Passage for a week. We visited Mark Blincoe in Anchorage, Melissa Blincoe in Ketchican and called a Bill Blincoe in Vancouver. Can I write this trip off?

In three weeks we will be taking an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand and would enjoy touching base with members "down under".

  • Oct 10, @ Holiday Inn, Sydney;
  • 14 @ Tradewinds, Brisbane;
  • 15 @ Hilton International, Adelaide
  • 23,24 @ The Windsor, Melbourne.
  • Give us a call.
    Helen Simpson


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