Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 3 September 1994

A page From Ann Blencowe's Cookbook

A Jelle Tort farmebrough

Make e cruse cold, take 3 quarters of a pound of Butter to a pound of flower, putt itt into a pattipan that is not too deep. Then take pippins, pair them & slice them very thin into ye pye, and strew some Leamon pill cutt very small & some fine sugar between every roe or two o ye Apple. Then bake itt. When itt is enough take itt out of e oven & cutt off ye lid. Have in a readiness some John apple Jelley, which pour on ye top & putt your pye into ye oven again a little while.

Ratafea Biskett.

Take a pound of double refined sugar, beate & sifted, 5 cournills of Apricocks Blanched & beat very small. Soake some gum dragon in orange flower water all ni ht; ye next morning strain out about as much as a walnutt, ye wbite of an egg beat to a froth ; mix all these together & drop them on papers, butter, &, sift some sugar over them. Let ye oven be pretty hott.

Mrs. Harvey's Pancakes.

Take 3 pints of creame or good milk, putt in half a pound of butter, sett itt over ye fire till ye butter is melted putt in a little cinamon beat very fine, 9 eggs, & when itt is almost cold putt them into ye creame. Stirr in about 3 spoonsfulls of fine flower, fry them in a dry pan as thin as possible ; as soon as that side next ye fire is browne, turne itt out upon ye wrong side of a pewter plate, & so throw them one upon another, y- brown side being still uppermost. Till you have fryed itt all you must strew a little sugar between every pan cake.

To Make a little Pye for an Entermess.

Take a small Chicken, season it with peper, salt & spice. Then have your paty Ready to put it in with puff paste crust, lay in bits of butter in ye bottom, then put in your Chicken. Have paletts & swetbreads seasoned & a lettell foist meat, strove them in, & 2 or 3 larks with foist meat in their bellys, with ye same seasoning as your Chicken, & so lay bets of fresh butter 6 - Then strove pats & sweetbreads again with a litel foist Meat and ye tops sparograse or scalded spinage. If you pleas you may put a bade of A lace att ye top & some bits of butter. Then close it & bake it. When it comes out of ye Oven have ready a very good Gravy fit for ye purpose, with a spounfull of White Wine, Leomon, or pickled barbarys, & some bits of bakon in dice, then cut up r Pye, & put all in & shak it to close it, & send it to table for a side dish. Your Pallets & swetbreads must be very well oyled before you put them in : ye bacon should be baked in ye p ye.

To Fry Oisters.

When they are dried with Cloth, dip them in ye yolkes o egges, cream, & greated bread. Fry them in a good quantity of boyling hot driping & fry them a pall brown : you need not turn them if you have suett enough to cover them.

To Broyle a Carp.

Lett your Carp be scaled, washed, & scoured cleave from ye slime & blood. Then scarbanada it on bothe sides, wash it over with butter 6- season ye scarbanada with time, Nutmeg, & salt. Then put it on   our grid iron 6- boyle it sloly over charcoals. Keep it basting.- You may broyle some Collops of gammon with



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