Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 3 September 1994


Dear Mrs. Simpson,

I spoke with your husband briefly yesterday to learn if the Blencowe Families Association was still in existence....

Your husband indicated that you would be interested in my husband's family. His grandfather was Guy Blencoe, who was born in Alma Center, Wisconsin, on September 12, 1873. He was a dentist. He married Olive Miller (born in Alma Center November 27, 1878) on October 25, 1904. Dr. Blencoe died on June 5, 1913 and his wife died November 24, 1968. They had one son, Shirley Guy Blencoe (he changed his name to Guy Miller Blencoe when he was an adult), born June 14, 1909. Guy Miller Blencoe married Marion Smith (born in Viroqua, Wisconsin February 14, 1911). Guy died ten days ago, on June 9, 1994 in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Sincerely, Mary Ellen Blencoe

[ED: See list of new members. What a wonderful letter for genealogical purposes! Thank you.]

Dear Helen,

I have been reading my sister's (Freda Christie - Surrey) copies of the Newsletter. It's time I became a member. Corrections for the John Pheasant Blenko tree - FYVIE not FYRIE. I must commend you for your hard work. The Newsletter is well written and interesting. Thank you.

Sincerely, June Fyvie

Dear Helen,

I am getting ready to entertain and want to write while your newsletter is somewhat fresh.

The article about Joseph A Blincoe by Benn Blincoe, Benton CA sure struck a familiar chord. And, it sure points out why we need to share what we have. How many times have Marshall and I read these familiar entries we took many years ago; and he submitted to you. Of course, Catherine of Berkeley County, VA 408 was Marshall's great aunt as was Harriett of Jefferson County, VA 388. Their father Joseph, a recent widower had scattered his children with various relatives. If Benn Blincoe wants any more information we might have or he would like to share, I guess he will have to write me. He has my curiosity up as to what he found we might not have. ...I thought our putting all this together would have automatically cross indexed and been a clearing house for all concerned. I need to know a lot more about the home computer, I'm sure.

Last week, I was at the library working on my family when up popped Blincoe, Clinch shipped to USA 1772 after being sentenced at Leiston Lent Suffolk for stealing a pig. He was listed in a guide for "Emigrants in Bondage." I guess my library reference # 929.373C673C wouldn't help anyone. Does anyone want to claim him?

We are looking forward to the Colorado reunion... Sincerely,

Marshall and Mary Blincoe, wife of Marshall, Kansas City KS


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