Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 18 No. 2 June 2003

Visitors to Oxford

April brought several visitors to Oxford. Cathie Mullins, of Spokane WA, and her son Nathan came to see me whilst travelling to London and Paris. We had plenty of time to talk whilst making a walking tour of the historic centre of the city. We were able to enter several of the colleges but Oriel College, with its connections with the Blencowe family, was closed and we had to content ourselves with a picture of its ancient gateway.

Next to arrive was Noel Blincoe of Pacifica CA. Noel had been on an extensive trip including an adventurous walking tour in the mountains of central Spain. Needless to say, he was fighting fit and set a cracking pace as we walked around town.

In early June Jill Dudbridge came with an America friend and asked to take a trip to Sulgrave Manor, the ancestral home of the Washington family. Extensive additions have been made since the Association went there during the 1993 Reunion and it is well worth another visit. An attractive restaurant and visitor centre has been built and just a week before our visit a lovely garden planted by the English Herb Society had been opened. It includes a flower bed of ‘Herbs the Emigrants took to America’ and another ‘Herbs the Colonists brought back to England’.

We went on to Marston St Lawrence but found the church was closed, except for essential services, whilst a new organ is being installed.

updated: 6 February 2009