Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 19 No. 4 December 2004

A Family Archive on CD-ROM

Anne Burton gave me a copy of a CD that she and Dennis had made as a beginning of a family archive. It seemed to me a brilliant idea and something that we all should think about doing. It is laid out like a book and you can scroll through it page-by-page.

It deals with the successive generations of the family, starting off with data presented in the format of a ‘Family Group Report’ used in many genealogy programmes. It goes on to give biographies of the persons involved with pictures of homes, schools and so on. Family trees are included and historic family pictures all captioned. The disk can be read using ‘Acrobat’ Reader which is widely available and allows you to see pictures in full colour. If you find the technology too difficult, turn one of those teen-age grandchildren loose on the task, they'll love doing it and might even get interested in the family history part as well!

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Blencowe Families' Association   Vol. 19 No. 4 December 2004
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