Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 20 No. 2 June 2005

The Association Reunion

Walter Blenko wrote:

At the Blencowe Families Association meeting in Dayton, Ohio, on June 15-19, there was discussion of planning for the next family reunion, presumably in 2007. A number of thoughts were put forward.

Location: The overwhelming desire is for the next meeting to be held in England. In part, this is because of the wildly successful reunion which Jack ran in 1993 and also because of the family association with England as the home country. Visits to Marston St Lawrence, Blencowe Hall and Penrith would be welcome because they are significant in family history. The stay at Oriel College in 1993 was remembered with pleasure. A stay like that in Oxford, at Oriel or another college, would have to be scheduled out of term. It was mentioned sometime earlier that a stay in the Lake District would also be very enjoyable.

Time: Families with children in school in the United States tend to be limited to the second half of June, July and the first three weeks in August to avoid conflict with school schedules. It is also understood that prices are undoubtedly lower and that facilities are better available outside of the peak summer months, say in September.

Arrangements: It was recognized that a considerable amount of effort may be involved in planning and scheduling a family reunion. It was suggested that the burden could be considerably reduced by engaging a competent travel agent to make reservations for hotels, coach travel, and the like.

Daily Scheduling: Sufficient time should be allotted for discussions of genealogies and the printing out of various relationships from the existing data base. Hopefully, family members who are well rounded in the family genealogy would be available to participate and possibly lead discussions and questions. The results of DNA testing would be of particular interest.

Here are some thoughts on the above:

An English venue is long overdue and I'm sure it will be popular and that many UK members will wish to join in all or part of the event.

Let's have some feedback of ideas on this. Can Benn set up a page on the website for members to record opinions?

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Blencowe Families' Association   Vol. 20 No. 2 June 2005
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