Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 21 No. 3 November 2006

Brighton Blencowe's Reunion

On 17th July we had our second reunion for the descendants and relatives of the ‘Blencowe family of Brighton ’. At our original get-together last January we all agreed to meet up again in the summer. The gathering was hosted by Cindy & Mick Lyons at their home in Worthing. Fortunately the sun shined on us and we were able to spend much time basking in the English Summer.

One of the guests of honour was 'Aunty Amy' - 3rd daughter of 11 children of Ada Elizabeth Blencowe (1886) and Isaac Dale (1872). Fortunately Amy has a wonderful memory and added many details to the family history and filled in some of the gaps.

Several of the guests had brought along family trees, including one tree of the Blencowe clan that stretched the length of the living room. There were also a selection of family photos and realms and realms of papers of collected family histories.


Back row:Jackie Day, Jane Tullett, Andrew Tullett, Peter Tomkins, Ricky Colyer, Michael Lyons, John Blencowe, Tina Blencowe, Ron Currell Seated: Cindy Lyons, Amy Jenkins (Dale), Shirley Ann Currell, Rosemary Colyer, Michael Cox, Mark Tullett Front: Francesca Lyons, Sarah Colyer

John Blencowe and wife Tina brought along an oil painting of an unknown relative that had been in Henry Herschel Blencowe's house at the turn of the last century. The painting had already been nicknamed 'William' and was a source of much discussion as to who he really was and what we can do to find out. If anyone can help please contact Mark at tulstig33 @

Although no firm date was set for the next reunion, I'm sure it won't be long before arrange another family 'do'.

Mark Tullett
Barcelona, Spain

We'd like to join with the Brighton family in Oxford and Marston St Lawrence on 8 & 9 July, 2007.


William painting
Who is this Blencowe ancestor?

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