Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 2 May 2007

Lynchburg Blencowes

Mary Janet Murray has had the genealogist at the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg do some research. Please let her know, via the editor, if you want a copy of any of the following items.

Obit Arthur Blencowe, son of Thomas Henry, in 1887
Obit of Elizabeth Ann, infant daughter of Alfred Henry and Henri Candler Blencowe, 1904
A news article about a telegram to Alfred that his brother Frank Blencowe had been hit and killed by a train in West Virginia This article tracked some of the other siblings: Ann Blencowe Jewby of Washington, D. C. (M. J. Grutzmacher's grandmother), C. Blencowe of Berryville, Virginia, great grandfather of Bob Blencowe in South Carolina., and a Mrs. Mash of Los Angeles.
Obit. Alfred Henry in 1926. It is very short and gives only the funeral place and time
List of Blencowes buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg
List of Blencowes buried in the Spring Hill cemetery in Lynchburg.

So far, her “genealogy guy” hasn't come up with obits for Thomas Henry or his wife, Elizabeth Ann. He says at that time, the obits were scattered throughout the paper and require some careful reading. Surely Thomas and Elizabeth would have an obituary if the death of the infant granddaughter had its own article at about the same time.

While Mary Janet was in Lynchburg, with her daughter and niece they went through many photographs apparently taken by Alfred and a number of Alfred himself. Examples are the following: Mrs. Thomas Henry, Wallace, Tom, Florence and Mrs. A. H. Blencowe and one that is probably Arthur because it was taken in Norfolk, Virginia, where Arthur worked. There are probably some of the sisters, but they are not identified.

The most interesting find was a little account book stamped with T. Blencowe containing accounts for A. H. Blencowe. Since, Alfred was the photographer; the things he purchased from his father's druggist/chemist are fascinating: white lead, potassium, gelatine, glass cutter, and so forth.

Mary Janet states “There are still things to go through in the attic and basement, but Mother had sifted through and disposed of many items from her Brown family and the Blencowes” How often do precious family history items get carelessly thrown out!


Blencowe Families' Association   Vol. 22 No. 2 May 2007
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