Blencowe Families' Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 2 May 2007

Our servicemen and women from Commonwealth countries who have died in the various theatres of war

Surname Given Name Birthplace DOB Father Mother Spouse


Service Country Death
Age Place
Blenco Frederick Northampton 1894 (Richard) William Jane Elizabeth     Machine gun Corps UK 02/04/1918 23 Northampton
Blenco George William Copt Hewick Yorkshire 1880 William Lucy     Yorkshire Regiment UK 19/09/1918   France
Blenco John Frederick Rusden? 1895   Mrs Eliza Blenco     Northants Regiment UK 09/05/1915 20 Ploegstreet Memorial
Blencowe Alfred Neithrop, Banbury 1886 Thomas Charlotte Buzzard     Oxon/Bucks Light Infantry UK 16/08/1916 29 Somme
Blencowe Arthur Brackley, Northants 1885 Frederick William Elizabeth Lathbury Mercy Reynolds 3 Middlesex Regiment UK 10/04/1917 31 Arras France
Blencowe Albert Broughton? 1895 Henry Hannah Clutterbuck     Oxon/Bucks Light Infantry UK 04/09/1917 22 France
Blencowe Albert Bicester? 1880? Henry May Alice Amelia   Royal Irish Rifles UK 01/10/1918 41 Dadizeele
Blencowe Alexander Howard Glencoe, South Australia 1887 Robert Isabella Rankine Connell     Aust. Infantry 48th Battalion Australia 01/09/1916 29 Somme France
Blencowe Bertram Thomas Wolverhampton 1887 Frederick John Amelia Florence Edwards 2 Royal Engineers UK 18/11/1916 29 Rochester
Blencowe Charles Edward             Royal Sussex Regiment   03/05/1918   Tyne Cot Memorial
Blencowe Clarence George Berwick, Victoria 1882 John Abraham Annie C. Brown Ellen Cusworth 5 Aust. Infantry Forces Australia 01/09/1918 39 St Quentin France
Blencowe Ernest Neithrop Banbury 1894 Thomas Charlotte Buzzard     Oxon/Bucks Light Infantry UK 05/08/1915 21 Ypre
Blencowe Ernest Alfred Victor Juniper? Bapt Cottisford 1884   Harriet Blencowe     Machine Gun Corps UK 15/04/1918 32 Steenwerck France
Blencowe Ernest Cecil   1880 Ernest   Ellen Mary Blanche   Dorset Reg. UK 16/02/1916 36 Ypres
Blencowe Edward Henry Mixbury 1895 Thomas (probably) Hannah     Oxon/Bucks Light Infantry UK 24/06/1915 21 Bailleul, France
Blencowe Francis Thomas Moorabin, Victoria 1885 Francis William Catherine Hogan Mary Ellen Lyons aka May 2 Aust. Infantry 59th Battalion Australia 31/10/1916 31 Somme France
Blencowe John Limerick Ireland 1883 William Anne Sullivan     Northants Regiment UK 24/10/1914 31 Ypres
Blencowe John Arnold Nr Hampstead 1890     Hannah   Royal Navy UK 16/06/1918 27 On HMS Pembroke
Blencowe Lewis Victor Sandringham Victoria 1890 John Abraham Annie Christina Brown     Aust. Infantry 5Th Battalion Australia 25/04/1915 25 Gallipoli Turkey
Blencowe Lawrence Cave Marston St Lawrence 1887 Charles Edward Katherine Eliz. Walcott Dorothy Priestly Nee Cooper 2 King's Liverpool Reg UK 29/06/1917 29 France
Blencowe Mabel Edith Oxford? 1881   Mrs E. Blencowe     Territorial Force Nursing UK 10/03/1917 36 France
Blencowe Oswald Charles Marston St Lawrence 1890 Charles Edward Katherine Eliz. Walcott     Oxon/Buckx Light Infantry UK 07/10/1916 26 Somme France
Blencowe Percy Whitchurch 1896 Charles Leonard Margaret Winifred O'Hara     Royal Horse Artillery UK 08/07/1917 21 Lijsenthoek Belgium
Blencowe Sidney Souldern England 1882 Michael Sarah Busby Louisa Smith 1 Aust Infantry 23rd Army Bat Australia 03/05/1917 35 France
Blencowe Sidney Fenner Camberwell London 1889 Francis Elizabeth Martha     Aust. Infantry 48th Battalion Australia 11/04/1017 28 Somme France
Blencowe William Edward Walley Devizes 1878 Harry Emily Margaret Walley Mabel Hopkins 4 Wiltshire Yeomanry Regiment UK 16/11/1914 36 Ypres
Blenko Edward Henry Hackney 1897 Edward Henry?       London Fusiliers UK 15/08/1917 20 Ypres
Blinco Arthur             Royal Fusilliers UK 30/10/1917   Tyne Cot Memorial
Blinco Charles William Swaffam Bulbeck 1888 Dennis Charles Caroline Clara May   Suffolk Reg. UK 19/04/1918 30 France
Blinco George Edward Buxton 1895 William Sarah     Rifle Brigade UK 19/04/1918 23 Somme France
Blinco Henry Moses Langley Marish 1893 James Harriet     Oxon/bucks Light Infantry UK 14/01/1916 23 India
Blinco Mark H             Oxon/Bucks Light Infantry UK 14/01/1916    
Blincoe Albert Edward West Bromwich 1883 Joseph Jane Holmes Elizabeth Bagley   South Staffords. Reg UK 09/08/1915 32 Gallipoli Turkey
Blincoe S         Mary Jane   Royal Army UK 25/05/1920 28 Ringwood
Blincoe Sidney Walter St Pancreas 1884 George Jane Wiseman     Essex Yeomanry UK 14/05/1915 30 Ypres
Blincow Albert William Long Buckley 1899 Albert Ellen Johnson     Royal Navy Vol. Reserve UK 13/09/1918 19 France
Blinko Roland George Birmingham 1886     Annie Christina   NZ Riffle Brigade New Zealand 06/01/1917 31 France
Blencoe John Kenneth Probably Hull c.1920 Archer Lydia Elma     Royal Air Force Vol Res UK 04/02/1941 21 Hull
Blencoe Laurence Sydney Birmingham ? c.1926 Richard Elizabeth     Royal Warwicks R. UK 07/06/1944 18 France
Blencowe Arthur Frank Camberwell London 1909 Francis Drake Helena Amelia Alice Skeat     Royal Air Force Vol Res UK 24/04/1942 32 Runnymede Memorial
Blencowe Dennis James             Royal Air Force Vol Res UK 23/09/1944   Arnhem Oosterbeek
Blencowe Eric John Steeple Bap. Claydon c.1926 Frank Eliza     Royal Navy Uk 12/02/1944 18 HMS Lanka
Blencowe Ernest Valentine Banbury 1911 Valentine May Rosina Mary Elizabeth   Royal Artillery UK 17/06/1941 29 Halfaya Sollum
Blencowe John Dawson Probably Lambeth London c.1917 Frederick John Ethel Helen Dawson     Royal Air Force Vol Res UK 24/02/1944 29 Runnemede memorial
Blencowe John Henry Roger   1919 Alban Henry Margaret Bramble     Army UK ?/07/1939 20  
Blencowe John Thomas Birmingham? c.1921 Thomas John or Frank Doris May or Eliza     Royal Navy 21 22/12/1943 21 Birmingham Witton
Blencowe Maurice George Leeton, NSW Australia 1923 Richard Allan Dorothy Mabel Ward     Aust. Infantry Forces Australia 02/10/1943 19 Lae, New Guinea
Blencowe Ronald William Kenilworth c.1917 James Hilda Ruby   Royal Army Service Corps UK 30/11/1941 24 Libya
Blencowe Robert William Ontario? Canada c.1920 William A Edith     Queen's Own Rifles Canada Canada 30/03/1945 25 Groesbeek Canada
Blinco Albert Dennis Slough ? c.1925 Albert Evelyn     Seaforth Highlanders UK 11/09/1944 19 France
Blinco Geoffrey Frederick Toowoomba Queensland Aus. c.1921 George Frederick William Amelia     Royal Australian Navy Australia 01/03/1942 21 HMS Perth
Blinco Leicester Sidney Middlesbrough? c.1919 Harry Jane Elizabeth Reed     Royal Warws Regt UK 08/10/1941 22 Karachi Pakistan
Blincoe Kenneth Edward Probably Nelson New Zealand c.1910 Francis Ruth Packer Ida Annie   Royal New Zealand Air F New Zealand 03/02/1943 33 Amersfoort Holland
Blincoe Thomas Lower Crumpsall?   Thomas Alice     Royal Navy UK 06/07/1942   Chatham Memprial
Blincoe William Lawson Middlesbrough 1910 William Scriven Jessie Agnes Lawson Jenny Granger? 1 Merchant Navy UK 13/09/1942 32 SS Empire At sea
Blincow Albert Stanley Charles Bedford 1919 Joseph Wallace Constance M. Swadling     Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Regiment UK 16/09/1944 25 Croce Italy
Blincow Harold Dunoon, Argyll. Scotland c.1920 Francis Dinsmore       Merchant Navy UK 16/01/1941 21 SS Oropesa At sea
Blincow Joseph Sidney Bedford 1924 Joseph Wallace Constance M. Swadling     Royal artillery UK 10/07/1944 20 Normandy France
Blinko Alec Mark Beaconfield Bucks 1903 Henry George Amelia Edwards Alice Leticia West 2 Royal Artillery UK 05/03/1943 39 Singapore


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