Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 3 August 2007

Census Records Solve a Problem

Daphne Austin has been beavering away at records now available on the Internet and sends me a steady stream of information to add to the Blencowe database. Her most recent submission throws light on an old problem and shows how invaluable the census records can be, they tell you just who was living under one roof on a specific day. What follows is of special interest to the Blincos of Hedgerley UK and in Perth WA and Toowoomba Qld who descend from Moses Blinco (1736-1807)

I had records of Moses’ son Thomas (1787-1855) who had, with wife Elizabeth, baptised children:

1. Esther1813
2. Frederick1815
3. Jane1818
4. Elizabeth1820
5. Lucy1822
6. Catherine1825
7. Emily1831
8. Henry1833
9. Thomas1835
10. Alfred1837
11. Caroline1839

(Another Henry preceded Henry (8) but presumably died an infant)

Alfred Blinco of Toowoomba

Elizabeth, presumed wife of Thomas, died in 1827 aged 40; did Thomas remarry another Elizabeth, or were the children baptised from 1831 onwards born to an entirely different Thomas and Elizabeth? Thomas was recorded in the 1851 Census, along with sons Thomas (10) and Alfred (11) working in Hedgerley for his brother Joseph; he had no wife with him.

The 1841 Census record sent by Daphne showed Thomas (age 55) and family living at Brick Mould, Farnham Road, Hedgerley. It listed Elizabeth (4) age 22, Lucy (5) age 17, Catherine (6) age 15, Emily (7) age 10, Henry (8) age 8, Thomas (9) age 6, Alfred (10) age 4 and Caroline (11) age 2. There was no mother present; a further search for deaths between 1839 and 1841 revealed the record Elizabeth Blinco age 39 buried 29 April 1840 at Hedgerley. This must have been Thomas’ second wife, the record GR[M] Eton vol 6 p 152 2ndQtr 1940 would confirm it.

Frederick (2) married Mary Probart in 1838 but died in 1845. Elizabeth (4) married George Peddle, a carpenter, in 1846. Emily (7) married Edward Lovell in 1856. Henry became a prison warder, married Eliza Hinds in 1864 and emigrated to Fremantle, West Australia; he had ten children. Alfred emigrated to Moreton Bay in 1854; he married Marion Langton in 1861 and raised a large family in Toowoomba.

The records of Thomas’ marriages are lurking in some Parish Register; hopefully one of his descendants will track them down!

Jack Blencowe
Oxford, April 2007

updated: 24 October 2007