Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 4 November 2007

Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

As I write, areas of America are faced by fires for the second time since our last newsletter. I know I speak for everyone, when I say we are thinking of those members who live in the vicinity. We pray that you are safe and not taking unnecessary risks. Globally, the family has taken a beating from natural disasters this year.

The year has seen a very successful reunion in England. DVDs or CDs are being forwarded to those who have indicated their preference. Thank you to all who have sent in photos or video footage and to Frances Forbes for compiling the visual record for us all to enjoy.

Thank you all for supporting the newsletter this year – without your contributions it cannot continue to be published. Your subscriptions help preserve the history of our family.

Thank you to Benn Blincoe for keeping our website up to date especially with information leading up to both reunions. The site continually brings in new members. Special thanks go to Jack, Peter and Allen. Without their support the newsletter would not be a reality. My second cousin, Frances deserves a very special mention as she is the practical one that keeps the Port Macquarie reunion happening.

I feel I have become good friends with many of my “cousins” throughout the globe via this newsletter and joint research some of us have engaged in. Some day I hope to meet you all.

As we look forward to 2008, the reunion in Port Macquarie looms as our first big event and we encourage you all to think about it. Expressions of Interest/Registration forms are available on the website. DNA testing of selected male members of our extended family is a project for 2008 and we should really be looking at converting the Card Box database into a newer technology that will take us forward into the future.

My husband, Dennis, who is quite bemused by all “this Blencowe stuff” and I wish you all a happy Christmas and an enjoyable and healthy 2008.

Anne Burton
Kendall, Australia
November 2007
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updated: 24 February 2008