Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

The issue of privacy continues to be a concern. Generally I do not include a person’s email address or phone number without their permission. However, this prevents members responding directly with the author of an article. If you are happy to include your contact details in the printed version of the newsletter, please say so when submitting your article. They will not be included in the online version without further confirmation.

I like the suggestion from Julie Stuart-Thompson that we have a regular “brick wall feature” for folk who need to find extra information on a relative of interest. Although this would work best with contact details included for immediate contact, I feel we would need to be able to print a summary of any responses. It would be a little like Roger Blinko’s interactive site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blencowe-andvariations_family_history/

Roger is working on making the interactive site a more protected source of information. You can expect to receive a Blencowe Families' Association member number which in future will allow you more freedom to exchange information while limiting access to non members.

As September is subscription renewal time for people in the UK and North America, please regard this as your annual reminder. Fee information is on the back page. Some Australian members are also due to renew before the next issue. Allen Blincoe suggests giving a Gift Subscription to interested relatives. With the reunion in Blencow coming up next year – this would be a good way to spread the news.

Peter and Anna Blencowe will return to Blencow Hall in October to make further plans. We can expect a lot more reunion information in upcoming newsletters.

Members in Victoria are thinking of getting together in Melbourne in September. The Verandah View Café at Five Ways, Kalorama, complete with fantastic views of the Dandenongs, has been suggested. Others from interstate or overseas who happen to be in town are invited to make contact. The exact date will be notified to interested participants. Thank you for your contributions – I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Anne Burton
editor @ blencowefamilies.com