Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

With the 25th year of the Blencowe Families' Association drawing to a close one pauses to ponder if our association will still be flourishing in another 25 years. I guess it will depend on our relevance and on younger people stepping into the various roles.

This has been a successful year capped off with the reunion at Blencowe Hall. Where one thing we did clarify at the reunion was the spelling of the Hall. Whereas around the village, we saw Blencow and Blencowe, the correct spelling of Hall is Blencowe Hall. I guess this was a decision by the owner, Charles Rowley. Robert Wallis of Western Australia has put together a Reunion CD-Rom which will be a lovely memento for those who attended. Along with photos of people, it includes a wide selection of photos of Blencowe Hall that are unlikely to be seen elsewhere. Members who did not attend are also welcome to purchase a CD. Orders with payment can be made to your Newsletter distributer, Peter, Allen, Marjorie or Anne as soon as possible, please so Robert can finalise the project. Cost will be UK- £3, USA- $5, Aust-$5. NZ-$5.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter this year. Without your input there would not be a newsletter and your suggestions as well as articles are always welcome. The Blencowe Brides series of articles along with the Brick Wall features have proved to be popular inclusions. The latest idea put forward is for a series on Notable Blencowes, Blincoes etc. The notable person could be living or long gone.

Benn Blincoe has been updating our website: visit www.blencowefamilies.com and take a look. He is open to suggestions.

I live in hope that someone will soon take over the newsletter production! Meanwhile Dennis and I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and a fulfilling 2011.

Anne Burton
November 2010
editor @ blencowefamilies.com