Family money up for grabs

Some of the monies from the sale of the Blencowe Breweries and hotels went into consolidated revenue when a relative died intestate without a proven heir coming forward within a given timeframe. One wonders how many other family inheritances have gone begging.

We have covered the Blencowe /Everard connection in previous newsletters BFA NL Vol 20 No 4 Dec 2005 and Vol 21 No 1 May 2006 and Vol 23 No 4 Nov 2008 showing that Elizabeth Blencowe had married James Everard in 1794 at Lowestoft. Elizabeth's brothers, Henry Prescott Blencowe (2) married Rebecca the daughter of Edward Everard Snr and John Prescott Blencowe married Rebecca's youngest sister, Pleasance.

John became very involved with the Everard's shipping business. Henry became head of the Thoby Priory branch of the family; it was he who sold Blencow Hall to the Duke of Norfolk in 1802. Blencowes and Everards were important citizens of Kings Lynn in Norfolk. After London, it was the most important east coast port. The Everards were one of the more influential traders with interests in brewing along with shipping.

Some generations on it seems they too had an inheritance up for grabs. When Henry and Rebecca's grandson, Henry Prescott George Blencowe (1858-1922) died in Tunis, the family had to advertise worldwide for his brother Edward Everard Prescott Blencowe who it is thought went farming in South Africa but never surfaced to claim his fortune.

The following newspaper articles tell the story.

The Register (Adelaide, S.A) 17 Jan. 1922

LOST HEIR TO £11,000.

A fortune is awaiting Mr. Everard Prescott Blencowe who hasn't been in Tunis for 15 years. Mr. H. P. G. Blencowe, his - brother, an Essex JP of Montague Square, London, and late of Thoby Priory. Brentwood, Essex, who died in Tunis, on May 7, aged 63, left £24,461 16/8 gross estate. In his will he stated that his trustees were to insert three advertisements at intervals of six months in papers circulating in London and South Africa, asking his brother or descendants to communicate with the trustees. If no news is received within seven years the missing brother is to be regarded as dead. The residue of the estate (about £13,000, less £1,680 death duty) is bequeathed to the brother or to his children, and failing any trace of either brother or children it reverts to Mr. H.P.G. Blencowe's widow.(Hannah Mary Jowitt)

The Queenslander ( Brisbane) 22 April 1922


The undermentioned persons are wanted in connection with the estates of deceased persons. To one of the notices must be accompanied by a cutting from this paper of the announcement to which it refers, and the distinctive numbers should be repeated in the communication.

Blencowe, Everard Prescott, son of the late Everard Blencowe, of Cheltenham, or his children, wanted by solicitors. 12.233

I found several replies from people trying to claim the inheritance like this from

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) 16 Feb. 1923

BLENCOWE, Everard Prescott (13554).

The similarity of name is not sufficient. You give no particulars as to relationship, and those are essential. If you can do better write to Messrs. Pattison and Bathurst, 42, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C.2.

Our database records that Everard Blencowe was never located so I guess Hannah Blencowe, the wife of the departed Henry, eventually enjoyed her increased inheritance. Henry and Hannah did not have children.