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My great nephew, Nicholas Blencowe, had his 15 minutes of fame last month when a terrible accident happened in his backyard. Nicholas is the fifth generation of Blencowes to live in this small Sears Craftsman kit house in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. Miraculously, his neighbour survived a bamboo stake piercing his neck. 13 year old Nicholas declared how frightening the injury was and that he is now "scared" of bamboo. Nicholas saw friend Dez dangerously injured when pretending to be a ninja. Dez picked up a bamboo stick as his ninja weapon and put the stick in the back of his shirt. He jumped and the stick went forward so when he hit the ground, the stick entered the right side of his neck then came out about three inches back, just behind his ear. Five hours of delicate but successful surgery followed. Nicholas and Dez have learnt a valuable lesson about playing Ninja games with sticks.

Bean Murray