Editor's Inbox

I so enjoyed the newsletter. To my surprise one letter was from someone I was at school with — I never thought then that she would turn out to be a very distant relation!

Sheila Hinton

I have a book, "Miss Bobbie" by Ethel Turner that is inscribed to Margaret Blencowe from the Armidale Methodist Sunday School as a prize in 1949. If it is from your family I would love to return it to you or someone who is/was close to her.

Trish Percy
Cootamundra, NSW.

Well, I took a punt that it belonged to a member's sister, who in a roundabout way finally received the message, responding, "I well remember the book and have no idea whence it left my possession. I appreciate the trouble taken by Trish Percy to locate the owner.... I would like to thank everyone who took part in the search for their trouble".

Margaret Weakley

Miss Bobbie is now on her way to Gunnedah. I enclosed a note telling Margaret that it was a very well travelled book; it's gone with us from Gunnedah to Junee, from Junee to Cootamundra, over to Western Australia, then to Sydney, back to Junee then to Cootamundra. I probably bought it years ago in the second hand bookshop for my daughter, a voracious reader and I wanted her to read all the books that I had read as a child. I'm not even sure why I kept it. Trish.

Thanks to our www.blencowefamilies.com website, a classic Australian children's book has returned to its original owner. Anne