The 23rd Psalm for Genealogists

Genealogy is my Pastime ...
I shall not stray,
It maketh me to lie down
and examine half-buried Tombstones;
It leadeth me into still Courthouses.
It restoreth my Ancestral Knowledge;
It leadeth me into the Paths of Census Records
and Ships Passenger Lists for my Surnames' sake;
Yes, though I wait through the Shadows
of Research Libraries and Microfilm Readers,
I shall fear no Discouragement,
for a Strong Urge is with me.
The curiosity and Motivation,
they Comfort me;
It demandeth preparation of Storage Space
for the Acquisition of Countless Documents;
It anointeth my Head with burning Midnight Oil,
My Family Group Sheets runneth over.
Surely Birth, Marriage and Death dates
shall follow me all the Days of my Life,
And I shall dwell in the House
of a Family History Seeker Forever.

Author Unknown