Born Evelyn Blencowe, Jill Dudbridge turns 100

Jill and Queen

On October 9th 2016 Jill celebrated her 100 birthday and what a sparkling occasion it was.  Friends and relations had jetted in from faraway Zimbabwe, Switzerland and various corners of the UK to be with her on her special day.  About 30 of us walked to a restaurant in Camden for a splendid lunch. In a lovely gesture, the waiters presented Jill with a beautiful bouquet of flowers after the meal.  They said they had never served a 100 year old before and could hardly believe that she was that age.  She certainly doesn't look or act 100 and her memory of family matters is as sharp as ever.

Jill received a fine card from the Queen and also from the Work & Pensions Secretary, both cards proudly displayed in her flat.

I am sure we all wish Jill Many Happy Returns and hope that our Blencowe genes serve us as well!

Patricia Wales,