Igor—A Russian Cousin

In 2009, Jack received a family history enquiry from Russia: Igor Ladyzhenski of St. Petersburg enquiring about his great-grandmother, Maria Yakovlevna Blenkov, (Blancow or Blankow) in English.

In 1870 Mary had married Ivan Nikolaivich Ladyzhenski in Tver, an ancient city between Petersburg and Moscow, where before the Revolution, Ivan and his brother Nikolai owned an estate. Ivan worked in the Asian Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The couple had eight children.

Igor’s story is a fascinating one and will be a feature in the August newsletter. In the meantime, any readers who descend from the same stock as Maria (Mary Blencowe) please get in touch.

Mary was born in 1850 to Samuel James Blencowe (1825-1862) of Chipping Barnet who in 1849 married Mary Parsons (1828-1889) daughter of Rev. George Parsons (1795-1855) of Castletown, Isle of Man and Anne Evans (1797-1837). 

Her grandparents were James Blencowe (c.1803-1848) & Harriet Ann Hennessy (1796-1877) daughter of William Hennessy and Phoebe Wood.

Mary was joined in Russia by her mother, Mary Blencowe, nee Parsons who died there in 1889.  Mary’s brother, Frank Blencowe (1861-?) went to live in Moscow at some time after 1871 and was still in Russia in 1900. Mary's other siblings died young or appear to have stayed in England. They are:

Igor Ladyzhenski,

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