Florence Nightingale

Born in Florence, Tuscany, Italy on 12 May 1820.
Died in Mayfair, London 13 August 1910


I thought our readers might be interested in a discovery I made recently whilst researching a distant ancestor.

Margaret Penelope Blencowe 1890-1960, Daughter of John Ingham Blencowe and his wife Mary Francis Ingram.

Margaret Penelope married John Arthur Stuart Dillard son of Philip Edward Tillard and Iona Bonham Carter

Iona was the daughter of John Bonham Carter and his wife Laura Maria Nicholson daughter of George Thomas Nicholson and his wife Anne Elizabeth Smith.

Ann Elizabeth Smith was the daughter of William Smith M.P. 1756-1835 and his wife Frances Coape 1759-1840.

They had a daughter Frances Smith 1788-1820 mother of Florence Nightingale of Crimean War fame.

Frances's sister was Anne Elizabeth Smith 1791- wife of George Thomas Nicholson, parents of Laura Maria Smith married to John Bonham Carter as mentioned above.

Hence Margaret Penelope Blencowe, Florence Nightingale and Iona Bonham Carter are very, very distant members of my paternal tree:– Florence Nightingale is my  1st cousin x1 removed of the husband of my  1st cousin x1 removed of wife of my 2nd cousin 4x removed.

Iona Bonham Carter is 2nd cousin of the husband of 1st cousin x1 removed of wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed and daughter-in-law of Margaret Penelope Blencowe.

Margaret Penelope Blencowe is the wife of my 2nd cousin x1 removed of the husband of my 1st cousin x1 removed of wife of my  2nd cousin 4x removed.  She is also the wife of Florence Nightingale's cousin 2 x removed.

As I say, all very distant but interesting nevertheless.

Shirley Hutchinson,
Melbourne, Australia

Well we have managed to relate ourselves to many famous people in the past but Shirley this one is surely by far via the most roundabout route. Well done.