Looking for relatives with knowledge of my Grandmother

Mabel Blencowe was born in 1896 in Twyford, Buckinghamshire to Henry Blencowe born 1859 in Bicester and Bertha Ann Bunker. The family possibly goes back to William of Launton in the late 1600s.

I'm interested mostly in Mabel's life before she met my grandfather. I know her father Henry abused the children, which may explain why Mabel kept being awarded prizes at school for being 'Never Absent, Never Late'. Mabel could well have loved school and felt safe there. I'm going over to England before Xmas and will visit Glympton, Twyford and Woodstock – places where the family is recorded as having lived.

Mabel's eldest sibling, Daisy Bertha Louise Blencowe (1883-1964) was born in Millburn, New Jersey, USA which seems rather unusual. Other siblings are Florence Elizabeth (1889- ?) and Randal John (1892-1968) - all born in England. I know both Daisy and Randal had children and there must have been extended family. If Mabel had a close relationship with her siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins etc we, might have members in our group who can tell us more.

Mabel and William John Perry were engaged before Bill went off to WW1. He returned a completely different person apparently, but they honoured the engagement anyway. I suspect the abuse Mabel experienced may have influenced her decision to marry, as a chance to get away from home.

My father, Sydney Wiltshire Perry was their only child. Syd apparently adored his Aunty Florence Elizabeth. He didn't like his parents at all. I believe they ran a Post Office for many years and that Syd was either smothered or ignored, and he developed a bad stutter which stayed with him for life. 

We migrated to Australia in 1965. As the youngest of four, I was 7 months old at the time. We were "Ten Pound Poms", and Syd wanted to get a long way away from his parents. It worked for a while, until they too emigrated here a few years later, in their 70’s. Dad was not impressed.

Syd and his parents have since died in Queensland but I have a soft spot for my Grandmother, Mabel. I would like to learn more about her early life before WW1 and her marriage to Bill.

Ruth Perry,
Queensland, Australia

Email: ruthvperry64 @ gmail.com