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The family takes its name from the village of Blencow near Penrith in Cumbria. The person we know much about was Adam de Blencow who was born in the early 1300s. Adam was a vassal of William, Lord Greystoke and served him and the Earl of Lancaster in Gascony and at the Siege of Calais. The last known descendant of Adam’s eldest son died in Tunis in 1927.

One of Adam’s younger sons or grandsons moved south to Marston St Lawrence near Banbury, just across the border in Northamptonshire, and a descendant Thomas Blencowe bought the manor there from the Crown at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Descendants of that line prosper today in England, Australia and America.

The spelling of our name is very variable, even in recent times, and can usually be ignored when researching further back into family history. There are a number of groups whose link to the Marston family is highly likely even though there is no “paper trail”. Very recent DNA analysis has shown that the Blincoes of North America who descend from James Blincoe who immigrated there before 1670 are blood brothers to members of the Marston line. Other large groups include the Blincows of Whilton and Long Buckby, the Blincos and Blinkos of Slough and Windsor, the Blencowes of Brackley, Bicester and Kings Sutton, and so on.

I have a database with more than 10,000 records and there is a good chance that I can link you to a branch of the family tree, especially if you can give me details of ancestors born before 1900. Remember, there are six important facts: Birth, marriage and death, with the dates and places where they occurred.

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updated: 23 November 2020