Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 2 May 2007

Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

The Blencowe Families: The Descendants of the Blencowe Families of Cumbria and Northamptonshire, generally referred to as THE BOOK was published in 2001. This is a documented history as it was known or presented in 2001. As a consequence of a lot more genealogists fossicking out information on our family, our history will continue to evolve. Occasionally we print articles in the newsletter that alter or change the perspective represented in the book. Please take this opportunity to photocopy the updates on pages 10, 11 & 15 of this newsletter and insert them into your book.

Marcia Hatfield thanks Peter for his efforts re Nellie Blencowe who worked in the household of Patrick O'Brian and his suggestion that Nellie may be a nick-name for Ellen. O'Brian's mother died in 1917, so 'our Nellie' would have had to be old enough to be a housekeeper/nanny about then. Any further ideas would be welcome.

Joan Harrison is still wondering about the significance of 4 castles on her relative's headstone.

We now only need the American war deaths to make a complete Roll of Honour. I do need help with them, please. The Roll of Honour is just a starting point as I'd like to have profiles and photos of as many persons as is possible.

After almost a year of preparation, the England reunion is not far away. Those attending have a magnificent chance to visit the places from where a great many, if not most of us originated. You are privileged so enjoy the special experience. Take the chance to meet and make friends with your distant relatives. You are the envy of many of us — have a wonderful time.

Anne Burton
May 2007
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updated: 21 August 2007