Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 4 November 2007

BFA to Fund DNA Testing

Our Blencowe One-Name Study has accumulated more than 11,000 records and revealed a number of closely-knit groups with a variety of different spellings. We all probably descend from the original “Blencowes of Blencow” in Cumbria and, using parish records, wills, marriage settlements and other indentures, some of the groups can be traced way back to the 14thC.

The advent of DNA testing opened up new opportunities; a number of you have paid for DNA tests and revealed some exciting connections. Hereís how we stand at the moment:

Using the ‘paper trail’ via our database and the new DNA technique we know that the following can be traced, in unbroken male line, to 14thC Adam de Blencow:

Not all the results are positive: the Blencowes and Blincowes of Northampton and the Blencoes of Gawcott and Wisconsin have completely different DNA. Most likely there was a birth out of wedlock some time before the 17thC.

The BFA is now quite comfortably cashed up and in order to complete the "big picture" we plan to pay for DNA testing of selected male members of our extended family.

The most important family groups whose linkage to the main stream remains untested include Blinkos (Blinker?) of Suffolk; Blencowes of Bicester, Wiltshire and Kings Sutton, Blincoes of Ontario and New Zealand. We also should do a confirmatory test of Blencowes of the Adelaide and Armidale families. Other suggestions from members will be welcomed.

We can collect some of the samples at the Port Macquarie reunion in April; others can be by contact through the mails.

Jack Blencowe

updated: 26 June 2008