Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 4 November 2007

Port Macquarie Reunion Update

Thank you to those who have returned their Expressions of interest/ Registration forms. It has been quite interesting to note your choices. Almost everyone is attending the barbecue on the beach after the Dawn Anzac Service ensuring an early start to proceedings. The Devonshire tea cruise and Reunion dinner have proved popular.

People attending look to fall into two distinct groups; those who are genealogy minded who are looking forward to putting members' names to faces and sharing and swapping family information. These folk seem to be quite intrigued as to what/who they might find on JackÝs Card Box database.

The other group appears to be those bent on getting to know their distant cousins on a big family holiday. There seems to be quite an interest amongst the non genealogists to meet family whilst abseiling down a cliff, kayaking a river, whacking golf ball around a course or simply by just sharing a meal or a drink.

We have several bookings for 3 or 4 generations of the one family and we do have the range of activities to cater for the resulting diverse interests.

A deposit has been paid on two adjoining rooms at the venue allowing us to cater for up to 500. In reality we will probably have about 100 participants. So if you think you might attend can you please let us know so we can adjust the booking accordingly.

If you are interested in having a family member DNA tested you will need to let us know soon. There is a selection criteria to be considered and other formalities involved in the process.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere — you will be sick of winter. Take the plunge and come down south for your pre summer tan.

In addition to the two other airlines servicing PMQ, Virgin Blue commences flights from Sydney and Port Macquarie from February. Bookings can now be made on

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Anne & FranAnne

updated: 26 June 2008