Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 2 May 2008

Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

Well at least I can now put some names to about 140 faces of our extended family! Yes, after two years of planning the 12th biennial reunion has been and gone. It was a wonderful weekend and Fran and I would like to thank everyone who was involved for their contribution. Fran will put together a DVD and CD of the weekend. These will be available in NZ, Australia and America for $5 in your local currency and in UK for £3. Please order through the usual channels of Peter, Walter, Anne or Marjorie. They should be ready to send out with the next newsletter in August.

Marjorie Papalii has agreed to become my assistant with following newsletters. Whilst I enjoy doing the newsletter, it does become difficult at times to source material and meet deadlines. I look forward to working with Marjorie and I am sure her input will revitalise future editions of this newsletter. Marjorie is an Australian born, New Zealander from the Hedgerley line of Blincos.

On behalf of the BFA, I would like to thank Phil Bailey for his involvement, especially with the combining of data for the reunion family tree – known as Phil’s Forest. Phil’s thorough research has done a lot in unravelling the data on the Blencowe/Horley branch of Brackley Blencowes. He has decided to step down as an active member so he can concentrate on his own family history. (His wife is the Blencowe). He will be the custodian of the trees he created or “Curator of the Forest”. The branches of the family represented are on Page 5 and access to data on them is outlined on Page 10 .

There will be a full DNA report from Jack in the next newsletter with several results due back by then. People submitting DNA tests are reminded of the necessity to record the SKU code number on the box and return that number to Allen Blincoe at ablincoe @ This code is needed to correlate the family’s results.

I welcome our many new members to the BFA and invite you to contribute your stories, enquiries etc to this newsletter. Please also consider submitting the results of your research to Jack for the Family database.

Anne Burton
May 2008
editor @

updated: 10 October 2008