Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 2 May 2008

BFA Members’ Meeting.

27 April 2008 at Port Macquarie Chaired by Alan Blencowe (W.A.)

  1. Blencowe database

    Card Box File system developed by Jack Blencowe in England has served the BFA well but is outdated in terms of current technology. Allen Blincoe USA has managed to convert much of the data into another software program. Allen does need help from people with genealogy & family group knowledge to assist with the validation of the conversion.

    It was unanimously agreed that:

    General discussion conferred that conversion to a new system would take a significant time. The use of a Web based platform was discussed and it was agreed that a lot of development had to happen before this could be considered. The freeware system PAF was suggested as a possible solution.

  2. Phil’s Forest Data Storage
    As the family trees contain several thousand names including the female descendants which the BFA database does not, it is a valuable resource. Phil Bailey will remain as custodian of the trees. If anyone seeks information, Phil will contact the owner of the tree and it will become that person’s decision to liaise with the person making the enquiry. Privacy of the living will be respected.

  3. BFA Newsletter
    The need for members to keep up a supply of material was discussed. Marjorie Papalii from NZ agreed to share the editorial role with Anne.

  4. Next Reunion  
updated: 10 October 2008