Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 4 November 2008

Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

First of all thank you to all who kindly submitted articles for the BFA Newsletter, you have made my task so much easier, with having to try and learn the “Publisher” program together with trying to put together my first BFA Newsletter it has by no means been easy, but Anne has constantly been on hand to assist and unfortunately has to remain on hand to fix any hiccups before publication.

Our special thanks go to Peter Blencowe who purchased a poppy on our behalf in remembrance of our family members who died in WW2. (Front cover item).

I came across an article the other day which I have taken the liberty to rewrite and share with you all.

“Spring time is here. For those of you in the northern hemisphere that face shorter days and cooler weather, please bear with me as I dream of butterflies and bumble bees.”

Spring is gaining on winter and the garden beckons for attention. Some jobs, like turning over the vegetable garden must be done soon because planting and good growth, require it. Other jobs, like mowing and weeding require constant repetition throughout the spring and summer. Improvements to the landscape necessitate planning, hard work and commitment of time and resources. The work may be hard but satisfaction comes from seeing the results of our work and eating or sharing the fruits of our labor.

Like a yard and garden, our genealogy is not static; it grows and requires attention. A season of research inevitably requires a season of data input. Fallow periods often follow a rich harvest and give us time for cleaning, weeding and fixing before starting again. Some of the chores are more fun and enlightening than others but fulfillment comes as we improve our file, turn our hearts to our family, help others, and share what we know with each other.

Whether this is your time to sow, reap or repair, may your family tree be all that it should be as a result of your careful efforts and dedication.

For all of you who share your research and experiences we at BFA say thank you. It is what makes the strings of our combined families always remain tied.

Marjorie Papalii
New Zealand
Assistant Editor — November 2008
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updated: 26 January 2009