Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 4 November 2008

Tom Blinco’s Violin

Tom's violin

All my life I have heard stories about my Grandfather's violin and last weekend after 64 years I finally got to see it.

My Grandfather was Thomas William Blinco (1861-1935), the eldest son of Alfred Blinco (1836-1913). Alfred was very clever with his hands. There are many stories of his achievements and it seems Tom inherited some of his skills.

This is one of two violins built by Tom. The other, according to family stories, he gave it to a blind boy. played it often with his children, many of whom played musical instruments.

After his death, his daughter Agnes inherited the violin and she was very protective of it and it was always kept locked away. After her death, her son, Tom, was next in line and when he died last year his son and daughter-in-law, Ray and Dawn inherited it and this is how I came to finally see it. As you can see it is still in good order and to my knowledge no one has played it for over 70 years.

Lynette Cooper

updated: 26 January 2009