Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 23 No. 4 November 2008

It seems like all roads lead to Blencow

Kerry and I spent a month in France and two and a half months wandering in Britain, Scotland & Ireland. We used trains to get around in France, but hired cars in UK and drove just on 7000kms. We did not have anywhere near enough time; many places we wanted to visit such as Farnham Royal were crossed off the list. To compensate we did make it to Blencow. We had a look around the village; it has the main things for a village - a pub and a church.

Blencow village church
Blencow village pub: The Crown Inn

We found Blencow Hall after wandering around some country lanes. It is still in the middle of renovations. We met the chap in charge of the work, explained our interest in the building and he spent the next hour showing us all over it explaining what they had found and the work that had to be done. It is an impressive building and will make an interesting B & B.

The cost of the restoration is breathtaking. The towers are having a lead roof fitted as per original - 34,000 pounds for the lead alone. It would be interesting to see the building when work is completed.

There is the shell of a chapel on the property and there are plans to restore it so the complex can be used for weddings. The various farm buildings will be converted into accommodation eventually.

We are trying to settle down and save for another trip.

Rob Tickle
NSW Australia

Kayla Blincow is a descendant of the Blincow's from Nebraska. In March 2007 she was in Rome studying art and was able to do some travelling on her Spring break. The following is from a letter to her grandparents, Thelma and Don Blincow.

I'm in Penrith, England right now and just yesterday went to explore the little village of Blencow. I wanted to surprise my Dad with black and white photos of the village for Christmas. He has no idea that I came here or was even planning on it.

It was so amazing to see all of the old buildings and anything with our family name on it. Never have I taken so many pictures of signs.

It was also really fun to be able to tell people that my last name is Blincow. I found the castle and Blencow Hall which had been moved just up the road and turned into someone's home it seemed. It was so picturesque and I was so excited to see it. But then when I walked up the pathway, I came up to a large gate and a private property/no entrance sign just beyond the gate.

A little saddened that I had made it this far and couldn't even go up to the castle...I thought to would my dad react to this? I started looking then for any part of the wall to climb over and then realized that the gate wasn't locked so I slipped inside. I went through an arched hallway that led to an open courtyard where all the windows looked down into, but the family was above a door inside.

So I stepped into complete, plain view to take pictures of it and luckily was able to escape unnoticed. It was kind of a fun, little adventure.

I'm really glad I was able to see Blencow and see where our family name originated.

Kayla did make the scrapbook for her Dad for Christmas. Needless to say, he couldn't keep the tears away - thinking of his daughter visiting Blencow in England and really enjoying every minute of it.

Thelma Blincow.

updated: 6 February 2009