Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 24 No. 2 May 2009

The power of the name tag

A recent trend in the workplace and at social clubs has become the wearing of nametags. It often leads to all sorts of embarrassment if you are still wearing it on the train or in the supermarket. However at times it can pay off.

Jacinta Blencowe was still tagged when dropping by Repco to buy roof racks for her car. The sales lady was a Mrs Blencowe, leading to the familiar “Blencowe” discussions that often take place.

She introduced her husband Walter aka Wally whose great grandfather Austin (1887-1933) migrated from Souldern to Australia. Wally has been researching all the living relatives and is now starting to go further back. Jacinta put in a good word for the Blencowe Families' Association and we hope Wally makes contact.

I was able to find Austin on my tree as he is distantly connected. His parents were Michael Blencowe and Sarah Busby. Wally therefore belongs to the same branch as Ruth Jenkins, Richard May and Antony Farnath all of whom descend from the Brackley lot via Souldern.

Frances Forbes who works in a large hospital is regretting that she no longer has Blencowe on her name tag. In the first few weeks of her new job she came across a Blencowe, Blincow, and Blinco! Unfortunately, she was not in a position to initiate the “Blencowe” conversation.

So folk, wear your name tag with pride!


updated: 11 August 2009