A BFA Member Fights Back


Some of those who live in the UK may remember reading in the national press about a small Border terrier, Wurzel, who, digging under the garden gate to get into a neighbour's garden, was battered on the head with a spade and died that evening.

You may also recall that due to the fact that the dog never regained consciousness after the blow on the head, "causing unnecessary cruelty" could not be proved and the RSPCA were therefore unable to prosecute.

The owner of this much loved dog, Tricia Wales, is a member of our Association. Blencowes have always been known for championing justice; for many of the family have been lawyers, and Tricia did what any Blencowe might do, and took her neighbour to court. This case received a great deal of TV and press coverage, and Tricia received much support from the RSPCA, and the public in general.

However, it was impossible to prove to the Court "beyond reasonable doubt" that the neighbour had intended to kill the dog and the case was dismissed. However, Tricia was awarded costs, and her neighbour has now moved away. Well done Tricia!

Peter Blencowe