Patricia McClenaghan

Pat McClenaghan

I was saddened to receive a call from Armidale telling that Pat McClenaghan had passed away. Pat had been one of the most active in Australia researching Blencowe family history. We had corresponded with one another since the early 1980s and I enjoyed a memorable visit to the family sheep farm where she and her husband Frank organised a large 'Blencowe' BBQ party. My wife Kee and I had been in Australia several weeks, visiting her Malaysian-Chinese relatives, ABC (Australian-Born Chinese) and old colleagues and friends who had emigrated Down Under. The Armidale Blencowes were the first genuine Aussies we got to meet! Amongst them was another Jack Blencowe, older than me and limping a bit, he'd been kicked by a steer a week ago. Going round the property with Frank I learnt that kangaroos make large holes in fences when they can't be bothered to jump over.

In addition to her Blencowe researches Pat was very active in the University of the Third Age particularly in putting together local history studies. Her letters to me were like a breath of fresh air, telling of life on the farm. She used to help out carting feed to the stock when rains failed; there would be news of successes with arable crops when rainfall was good, then there would be the busy shearing season and the anticipation of achieving a good grade with the wool clip.

Our condolences go to Frank, their children and grand-children, and all those in Armidale who will miss her cheerful presence."

Jack Blencowe,

I had corresponded with Pat from time to time exchanging tree details. It was an honour to finally meet her at the Port Macquarie Reunion in 2008. She impressed me with her grace, charm and enthusiasm.