Old Blencowe Hall


www.matthewpemmott.co.uk/2008/04/blencow-hall-blencow.html is the Cumbrian Castle Blog of Matthew Emmott where I found the following in answer to my question on Page 7 about whether the remains of the early family home still exist.

About 2 and half miles to the East of Blencow Hall, the site of Blencow Old Hall can be found. This site would have been the original seat of the Blencow family, probably dating from the late 12th or early 13th century. This is where Adam and his forbears no doubt lived.


The site would originally have been a tower house with a moat surrounding the tower, but this has long since been filled in. All that can be seen today is a very feint rectangular outline in the field next to the road leading to Newton Reigny. This is best illustrated in the bottom photo. The remains perhaps measure some 30 feet by about 15 feet.

Large boulders mark the North Eastern and South Eastern corners, with only rubble and slight crop marks marking the remaining footings. The footings can be seen in the field next to the road.

On the map youíll notice a black dotted line near to the circle, which roughly shows where the earthworks can be found. This is a public footpath, accessible through a stile\gate in the wall at the road side. The earthworks are a few feet to the right of the footpath and are visible when on the ground, as a very faint linear, oblong shape in the flat field. There are a few pieces of large masonry\stone work poking through the turf and top soil, but otherwise there isnít much to see.