An old document from 1368

21 Oct. 1368 (transcription in brackets)

Thomas Blankowe and Alice Breton, who had been sued by Emma Saltere in a plea of debt of 52s, made four defaults whereupon the plaintiff prayed that the foreign attachment made upon them might be valued and delivered to her under security according to the custom of the City. The goods were valued by oath of Simon Maching, John Gildeford and John Duston as follows: a coat (tunica) of bluet (cloth) furred, 8s; an old materaz, 16d; a coverlet with a tester of blue, 5s; a pair of sheets, 2s; a pair of old sheets, 6d; 2 tuaills (towels) and 2 naperouns (aprons) , 12d; a pair of hose and a pair of old shoes, 8d; a faldyng (garment of coarse woollen cloth), 12d; an unlined (non dupplicata) cloak with two women's hoods, 2s; a pelewe, 4d; 2 cichar' (lutes or guitars) , 12d; a bowl, a tankard and a lynset (spinner's stool) , 6d; a banner of carde (fabric used to make canopies, curtains and linings) , 6d; a male (trunk or box) with divers small objects necessary for women's occupations valued together, 6d; a chest, 2s; a canvas, 8d; a coverlet, 2s; a tester, 4d; 1 quylte devel (quilt of down) , 8d; a forcer with 2 keverchefs and other pynchers (close fitting headdress) and 3 cordouns (lace strip, ribbon or cord) for a woman's head together with other small instruments belonging to women and one pair of tablets, valued altogether at 2s; a large old tablet (tabula), 6d; total 32s 6d. The above goods were delivered to the plaintiff under pledge of John Squier and Walter atte Ravene to answer therefore if the debtors appeared to plead within a year and a day.

Ruth Jenkins

From British History Online 'Roll A 13: 1367-68', Calendar of the pleas and memoranda rolls of the city of London: volume 2: 1364-1381 pp. 84-95.