Blencowe Families' Association Social Scene


Joan Blencowe, Jill Dudbridge, Dianne Knight and Tricia Wales.

Harry Blencowe (1853-1907) had 4 children; Billy was killed in WWI, Sidney ( Jill Dudbridges' father) decided to make his fortune building railways in Argentina, Harry Newman Blencowe ( Dianne Knight's great grandfather) migrated to Australia c. 1928 leaving only Eveline ( Tricia Wales' grandmother) in England. I had tried in vain for a long time to make contact with Harry's descendants in NSW for Jill and Tricia, when in July a new subscription arrived from Dianne Knight. Who would have thought that within 3 months the three twigs from 3 countries would enjoy a memorabile reunion with a visit to Jill's favourite Italian restaurant in London?

Jill's niece, Joan Blencowe joined the party, so Dianne's poor husband, Phil, was surrounded by four Blencowe women of various generations. Blencowe women are good talkers when all put together. All proved to be all independent, strong willed ladies, keen to tackle local and global environmental issues.

They compared family trees and Dianne learnt about her great grandfather, Harry's, brothers - Jill's father and the very interesting war hero, Billy. Tricia was able to show Dianne photos of her g. grandfather with his siblings. Jill had actually met Dianne's great grandfather on Lime Street Station at Liverpool, before he left for Australia; it was one of her earliest memories. He had let her choose a comic from the newsstand. Harry had the lease on the newsagencies on the train line from Liverpool to London.

An example of the benefits of having a BFA membership.


Victorian Blencowe Families' Association members get-together Frances Forbes, Godfrey Buswell, Maureen & Kevin Gibson, Carol Buswell, Ian & Kathryn Blencowe, Anne Burton , Ian & Jean Blencowe

One Saturday morning in September, ten of our members met at the scenic Verandah Views Cafe on the outskirts of Melbourne for a morning tea which for some extended from breakfast to lunch! It was an enjoyable way to renew friendships forged at the Port Macquarie reunion and to welcome new members.

Two sets of cousins met for the first time and the Ian Blencowes found it strange meeting one another. Louise Blencowe and Pam Carter had a hockey commitment, however, Frances, Kathryn and Anne caught up with them the next day. If all goes according to plan the Victorians will be well represented in England.