Blencowe Families’ Association Newsletter Vol. 25 No. 1 February 2010

The Brick Wall

Tom Blinks has hit the Brick Wall.

Uriah Blinks was my first cousin 5X removed. I've not found any direct contact with the Blencowe family. I was told twenty years ago by a professional researcher that I was probably connected to the Blenkos in Cumbria in about 1315. I can't prove it so far. I think we probably connect via Blinko. However, it's very difficult to prove a connection because the Census' mix up Blinks and Blinko.

The Blinks were in Oxford and Cambridge in 1600's earlier than my side of the Blinks. However, I need a Blinks from that area to start their family tree. I think this is where they connect back to Blinko or Blencowe.

Siblings are often registered with various spellings — perhaps a reader has come across a Blinks spelling amongst others in their tree. This could be the vital link between the Blinks of Oxford and Cambridge to those in Kent in later generations. Maybe you recognise someone in the tree below.

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updated: 5 May 2010