Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

Home again after 3 months abroad and it almost seems like it never happened. Blencowe Hall and Village were the perfect place for a family reunion. Even wandering about the countryside you couldn't help think "our ancestors once owned many of these fields". Housing 24 people in 12 bedrooms, the Hall is an ideal place for a family gathering. I believe at least four couples are planning to return for special family events such as milestone birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Staying at Blencow Hall was a very special experience that hopefully many more of you will one day experience. I did however, get more goose bumps when I looked over a farm gate into a paddock of cattle and could clearly see the place where the original Blencowe Hall once stood. This was undoubtedly where Adam lived and all that remains other than the stones we have featured in other newsletters is the shape of the moat and tower mound — neither of which would really show in a photo.

Meeting with quite a lot of members was very rewarding and so good to put faces to names. I enjoyed the company of my second cousins and was pleased they made the trip. Our cousin, Wilfred Blencowe, made us aware of our heritage years ago.

Many of you knew I'd find it hard to get this newsletter out when I returned home. Thank you so much for the wealth of material you have sent in. I have focussed mostly on the reunion this time as bits kept coming in for that too. Being near Christmas, the November issue is always hard to fill, however, I have a lot to choose from and some particularly interesting Brick Wall Problems. I'm pleased that feature is proving quite popular.

I send a big thank you to Peter and Anna Blencowe and to the eighty or so participants who made the reunion such a wonderful family event.

Anne Burton
August, 2010
editor @ blencowefamilies.com