Family News

Joan Colwell (a long standing member of the BFA) who is now 88, she tells me she has just become a great, great grandmother, with the birth of Joseph, her great, great, grandson. This must be fairly unusual. Her grandmother was Ada Mary Blencowe of the Long Buckby branch of the family.


Sadly, Marilyn Astle of Canada lost her husband recently. Terry had been struggling with cancer for about a year.

Long-time member, Gordon Leithboro, of Bideford, England died recently.

I enquired if Stewart Blencowe was the author of the book mentioned in the Blencowe Authors article. Yes, I"ll own up to Life begins at Forty. It's a little booklet I wrote in 1979 about the restoration of a scrap steam engine a group of us had bought. It had been built in 1939 - hence the title.