Future Reunions.

After 25 years in existence, we are certainly a global association. In that time three reunions have been held in England to which people travelled from various countries. When held in the iconic locations of Oxford/Marston St Lawrence and Blencowe Hall, such occasions had tremendous drawing power. It would be good to think that these reunions could be held every 5 or so years.

In the meantime it is appropriate to hold reunions in other locations around the world. Locally based reunions would be easier to plan, avoid large trips and possibly attract a greater attendance. Our members are mostly based in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and the USA, all of which are attractive locations. Reunions would be open to all members so if people wanted to include an overseas reunion within a travel itinerary they can.

So far there is talk of a reunion being held in America in 2011 and Australia in 2012 with a one day get together in England in 2011 also mooted. Hopefully by the February newsletter we will have some co-ordinators, venues and possible dates for you to plan around.

If you have any ideas concerning future reunions please let me know so that the idea can be floated among members.