Letter from the Editor

Dear Cousins,

As I write, our North American readers are experiencing a big freeze with unprecedented snow and ice conditions extending to areas that rarely see such a force of nature. Our Australian readers in Queensland and Victoria are facing the aftermath of extensive flooding followed by a destructive cyclone. Parts of Western Australia have had extreme weather events and bushfires that have proved destructive too. The English had their own big freeze in December in what is continuing to be the coldest winter for some time. Parts of the UK enjoyed the first "White Christmas" in years.

When the horrendous photos of the flash flooding in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley flashed across TV screens around the world, I received many emails form UK, Canada and the USA enquiring as to how we were. With Toowoomba being a Blinco settlement area, there certainly was reason for concern. I contacted all the members that I could to pass on your best wishes and concern and it seems all are OK. On behalf of our Australian readers I thank you all for your prayers and well wishes in what has been a harrowing few weeks.

This newsletter starts a new series of articles on Notable Blencowes that I am sure will be popular. I hope to include one each time, so please keep them coming in.

Sadly, Jean Imbery, a UK member passed away in July. Emmett J. Blincoe, Jr. passed away January in Santa Rosa. Emmett was predeceased by his wives: Margaret Gonfiotti, Loretta Blincoe & Joyce Blincoe. He is survived by his children, Daisy Blincoe, Irene Blincoe Takamoto, Benn Blincoe, (our webmaster) and 4 grandchildren. Emmett was born and raised in San Francisco. He also leaves his sister, Beverly Menicucci and his brother, Noel Blincoe.

I've included quite an assortment of articles this time for your enjoyment. Please remember that I need your input to make it happen.

Anne Burton
5 February 2011
editor @ blencowefamilies.com