The Social Scene

Virginian Blencowes celebrate Thanksgiving

Virginian Blencowes

It is not often all of us can be together at one time with our mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, Frances Blencowe, who is in the wheel chair. Frances is 97 years young.

John (Al) Blencowe,
Virginia, USA.

An Edible Exhibition
Using Recipes from 17th Century Cookbooks


Marjory Szurko with her husband Christian displaying the festive treats.

Many of you will remember Mrs Marjory Szurko, Librarian of Oriel College, who gave us a delightful tour of the College. Marjory is an enthusiast of early English cooking and each year at Christmas she organises a display of goodies and invites people to come and eat it! Last year we enjoyed a 16th Century feast.

This year she chose the 17th Century as her theme and Kee and I were invited to attend. Marjory had prepared some eighteen dishes, including several from Lady Anne Blencowe's Cookbook including 'making buns the Marston way'. The spectacular display was eagerly consumed by the audience!

Jack Blencowe