Blincoe, Blinkco and Blinco Spellings in Cambridgeshire

I thought it would be quite easy to research my family with such an unusual surname. My father's family came from Swaffam Prior, Swaffham Bulbeck and latterly Bottisham in Cambridgeshire. I have looked through the newsletters on line and cannot find anything about this branch of the family. My father was one of 9 but after one generation my twin brother is the only Blincoe left. I have gone back to my great great grandfather and have a CD of the parish records which show a great difference in the spelling of the surname. They seem to go back to 17th century in that area.

Maggie Goodal
Berkshire, UK

Maggie, several of your Australian cousins who mostly use the Blinkco spelling have attended reunions in Marston St Lawrence or Blencow. Maggie has instantly found her family by joining the B.F.A. Are any English cousins out there?