Letter Received.
This is your chance to own an old Blencowe document.

I recently read your site regarding the Blencowe family as I have a will and probate document in which Samuel Blencow (sic) of Marston Saint Lawrence is mentioned. The will relates to the Rev. Richard Wykham (sic) vicar of Sulgrave in Northamptonshire. The document was probated in November 1805. It appears that Mr Blencow may have owned property jointly with Rev Wykham. The property was located in Castle Close Sulgrave. As the will is handwritten and couched in legal jargon, the relationship is unclear.

Rev Wykham was probably descended from the William of Wykeham who was responsible for the re-building of Windsor Castle in the 14th century. Rev. Wykeham had a brother-in-law who was the chaplain to King George III and it appears he was related by marriage to the last Viscount Say, so he was obviously well connected. By implication, so was Mr Blencowe.

A number of local people are mentioned.

I will probably be offering this document for sale in June. If anybody is interested they may like to watch EBay.

Trevor Roberts

Samuel is probably either Samuel Jackson Blencowe or Samuel William Blencowe both descendants of Sir John Blencowe of Marston House which is only a couple of miles from Sulgrave Manor, the Washington's home. The village of Sulgrave is located nearby. Both the above mentioned Samuels were still living in 1805 thus fitting the timeframe.

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