The Hunt for Hedgerley Blincos in Australia

Many would already be aware that a group of Blinco family members in Australia are planning to document the migration and settlement of Henry and Alfred Blinco to Perth, Western Australia and the Darling Downs in Queensland. The project is intended to be a collaborative effort that describes the parents, siblings and children of Henry and Alfred. The concept for this project began at the Port Macquarie reunion in 2008 where descendants of both brothers met.

The collaboration part of the project lies with descendants of the first generation children writing about their ancestor. We are looking for any descendants and relations of Henry and Alfred to contribute to the project. Of Henry's six children and Alfred's ten children who reached adulthood, we have contributors for all except for Alfred Henry (Henry's first son) and Emma Helena and Jane Elizabeth (Alfred's third and fifth daughters).

Contributions may include factual details (certificates, newspaper notices), biographical information (family accounts, photos), or family folklore passed down from the first Australian generation. This project will not include any details of living descendants or second generation children. The plan is for descendants of the first generation to publish their own tree sometime in the future if desired.

If you descend from either Henry or Alfred and would like to contribute in some way, please pass on your contact details in the first instance to Anne Burton Email: editor @ who will pass them onto the project organisers. An information pack can be provided for any potential contributors to the project.

Rob Wallis
Western Australia