A story arising out of Royal Wedding fever

Reflect back on the Blencowe Brides article in Nov 2007 on Mary Walliston or Waleston who married John Blencowe, early ancestors of many of us, with apparent links to the Spencers of Althorp. As individuals we can't claim this without a well researched pedigree supported by documentary evidence. However, it didn't stop one member, Bob, telling all and sundry about the connection.

When his wife saw an e-mail that asked for a story of anyone with a connection to Prince William, she replied; part of which follows: "My husband was looking for quite a few years for his great grandmother.......finally...... we found that they have a family history which goes back to Adam de Blencow who died c.1389. The B.F.A. have father to son descendants to the present day. However, in the 17th Century a descendant of Adam, John Blencowe, married Mary Waleston and it is through Mary that the Blencowes link to the Spencer family of Princess Diana and therefore to Prince William........My husband is a very distant cousin to Prince William. We can, of course, send you the Blencowe family tree from the 1300s to now. etc .."

An answer came back: "Thank you for sharing your story. Is this something you would be interested in sharing on TV? We have been contacted by a breakfast program who would like to feature a newly discovered royal descendent on their program." Bob declined the invitation to appear on TV with a story he knows very little about!