Brick Wall—Mary Cooper

I am working with the College of Arms, in trying to create a "Pedigree" as far as the College rules and requirements are concerned. In summary, producing the hatch match and despatch "proofs" of each male Blencowe and their respective wives, and providing actual certificates for all three events since 1837, and copies of Register entries for pre 1837. This has turned out to be a fascinating, but monumental logistical project! I am hoping someone will have some clues to my Mary Cooper stumbling block.

I have unproven information that MARY COOPER daughter of Thomas Cooper was born in Powick, Worcestershire in c.1612 and married there in c.1633 to John Blencowe (c.1604-1665). Thomas Cooper's other daughter, Joyce, was John's stepmother as well as his sister-in-law. Mary & John are the parents of Francis in the previous article.

Mary Cooper Tree

The combined Parish Register and Bishops Transcript for Powick starts in 1611, but doesn't cover 1633, so there is no way of checking that year for the marriage, and the adjacent years did not have matches for Cooper or Blencowe, nor a match around 1612 for a Baptism of Mary Cooper.

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