Looking for information on United States citizens who contributed to the Allied Victory in WW II

I am Robert Melville Blincoe, the youngest of 4 children born to Ernest Edward and Francis Irvine Blincoe in Fort Scott, Kansas. I was born in 1927. My sister, Helen Blincoe Simpson, was one that helped establish the Association.

I hope to find someone who might give me some additional information about the six BLINCOE names that appear in the Roll of Honour on the front of the last Newsletter. As I am gathering information on the United States citizens who contributed to the Allied Victory in World War II, I wonder who among these six Blincoes served in WWII, and which, if any, were from the USA. If any so qualify, Iid like to know their branch of service, etc.

If there is a keeper of such info, I would be much obliged if they got in touch.

Bob Blincoe
r.blincoe @ sbcglobal.net

Of the 6 Blincoe names only 3 were from the WW2: Kenneth Edward Blincoe from New Zealand and Leicester Sidney and William Lawson Blincoe from England. It was 5 years ago that I researched our family members who died at war. I was unable to find out about any American deaths. Since then a lot more information has become available on the internet. Even the 1911 Census would have given more information than what was available to me. What Bob is trying to compile is a worthwhile study. If you can help shed light on which Americans contributed to the Allied Victory either contact him directly or via my email. Anne