Mixbury Blincos or Blencowes

A new Canadian member, Mike Humphries, has traced his grandfather, Troy E. Blinco's ancestry back to Mixbury in Oxfordshire where the name possibly reverts to Blencowe. He would like to know more about the early branches.

John and Ann Blinco. moved to America in 1845 with sons Henry and William. The family are recognised as pioneer farmers of both the USA and Canada with various generations moving from one to the other, farming at Buffalo, then in Guelph Township before settling in Pilkington where William & Elizabeth endured all the privations of pioneer life, clearing their farm and bringing it to a high state of cultivation. Their son, Percy, of Grand Mere, Quebec is Mikes great grandfather who married Maud and moved to the New Mexico, USA then back to Quebec. Mike descends from Troy who married Pricilla Nettleton. You can contact Mike via me editor @ blencowefamilies.com Anne Mixbury tree