Feedback from last newsletter

Reading about the family connection to Florence Nightingale, I found it ironic that there's another Blinco tie to the story right in Elora, Ontario.


There was a love connection between Florence and the Reverend John Smithurst of The Church of St. John the Evangelist in Elora.  This is the same church of my Canadian ancestors including my 3rd great grandfather and wife, John Blinco & Ann Cole, who have a beautiful stained glass window in the church. 

The beautiful story is too long to print but well worth reading. You will find it at

I sent it to Shirley Hutchinson who contributed the article in the last newsletter. She wrote back with, "That is fantastic.  It is a small world. The article is really interesting. I knew Florence had made that pact when she was thwarted by her parents over a love match but did not know any more."

Ed Blinco,
Summerville, USA